Upper Back Pain Relief – How to Get Upper Back Pain Relief Without Medication Or Exercise

Did you know that your upper back is the most complex area of your spine?

Most of us think that upper back pain is caused by injuries or trauma, but just by sitting for a long time on your chair or leaning over your desk for a few hours a day can put a lot of strain and cause chronic upper back pain. This gets even worse when the ribs that are attached to the spine in the upper back get involved – then you start experiencing pain that feels like you’ve been stabbed from your back to the front. The pain can also radiate to your arms or legs. When you start to have pain even when you just lean over, or lift something – that’s when you start looking for upper back pain relief.

What Causes Your Upper Back Pain?

Back pain, or any other condition for that matter, always develops as a process. This process is called “Muscle Imbalance”. You probably never heard of this from your doctor, who probably quickly gave you pain killers prescription to treat your symptoms. That’s why most common treatments fail – they start with the symptoms and with the real causes fro your problem. Treating the symptoms alone will not solve this daily suffering!

Word of Caution

If you feel even minor back pain, you should take it very seriously. Your back it telling you (yes, it can talk…) that something is wrong. If you don’t treat this problem – your pain will increase and you will have to take more extreme steps to return to what you used to be – A pain free and happy person

What is a Muscle Imbalance?

Believe it or not – Everyone has muscle imbalances to some degree.

A muscle imbalance happens when you have over-developed and tight muscles in one area of your body, while the opposing muscles are weaker and stretched out of their normal position. This can happen while you’re doing your every day chores, playing sports (even athletes suffer from this!) or just leaning over your desk 6-8 hours a day. It’s like driving a car with the wheels out of alignment…eventually you’re going to have a blowout right? It’s the same with your back. That’s why medication, back massages and even exercise will NOT get you upper back pain relief! You have to return the balance to your back with muscle balance therapy.

What is Muscle Balance Therapy?

Muscle Balance Therapy™ is one of the most powerful tools you can use to achieve upper back pain relief – once and for all. If you search for it on the net, you’ll probably find that the Greeks knew about this 2500 years ago. But like many natural therapies it was lost and replaced by conventional medical treatments that focus on symptom relief instead of the source of pain.

It starts with assessing the problem – finding out accurately where are the imbalances. Once that’s done you will finally find the core to your problem – and learn to immediately correct it for good.