Keep Your Health in Check With Regular Visits to Your Dentist

Keeping Check of Bad Habits

A lot of bad habits can affect oral health in a negative way, and some of them even lead to serious issues that people may not realize. A number of these habits are biting ice, biting their nails, chewing sticky sweets or hard candies, clenching their jaw, grinding their teeth, brushing their teeth too roughly, sipping coffee and drinking red wine, as well as smoking.

Going to the dentist regularly will enable him/her to inspect the patients for any oral issues resulting from the above mentioned, or other habits that they themselves may not have observed.

When the dentist informs them about the effects of such destructive habits, this will let them change their lifestyle to avoid the damage even more. Regular dental visits will let them repair the existing problem, and let their oral health look at its best.

Check Problems Beneath the Surface using X-rays

The most critical reason to visit a dentist twice a year is to check teeth and jawbone with an X-ray. With the help of X-ray images, dentists can see what lies underneath the surface of the mouth, then detect and diagnose issues that are not seen by the naked eye.

Such issues include impacted teeth, those that grow but are blocked from protruding through the gums – like, for instance, wisdom teeth.

Other issues that can be detected are damage to the jawbone, bone decay, cysts, tumors, swelling, and all these can only be seen by means of X-ray imaging. It is very critical to look for the signs of any serious oral problems right away so they can be treated in the proper way.

When it comes to destructive oral diseases that have no symptoms but advance fast, the best way to remain on top of health is to have checkups and undergo x-rays twice a year.

Check Neck, Head and Lymph Nodes

Aside from checking the mouth, tongue and gums for any signs of oral cancer, the dentist also inspects the jaw, neck and lymph nodes seen just below the jawline for visible lumps, swelling or other abnormalities.

In case an abnormality is detected, this may be a sign of a major health problem, and the dentist will inform the patient as well as refer him/her to the right medical professional.

Though swollen lymph nodes do not really hurt or seem extraordinary, when they are properly identified by a specialist, these could be a sign of a certain type of cancer or disease that needs attention as soon as possible.

Foregoing regular dental checkups reduces the chances of checking the neck and thyroid glands. It may only take a minute for the dentist to look for abnormalities, but this could identify a very serious disease that could make a huge difference between life and death.

The job of dentists and dental specialists is not only to repair teeth. They also clean teeth thoroughly to make sure that these – as well as gums – remain healthy, and inspect the mouth for abnormalities that are overlooked, yet could actually be symptoms of serious health issues.

Dental specialists see to it that their patients have strong bones, and help correct habits that may be placing their oral health at risk.