Excel Stair Lift – 3 Features That Are Lessor Known

Part of the process of finding a stair lift is determining which safety features and aesthetics best meets your needs. The Excel stair lift series is one of the top selling lifts in the market and it’s no wonder. This home elevator has many features that stand out but there are three that sometimes get glossed over.

These three lessor known features will keep you and others safe, make transport easier for all kinds of disabilities, and truly make the lift a part of your home.

Excel stair-lifts are equipped with multiple safety features. One of these features are safety sensors. These sensors detect objects that are on the stairs and in the way and will stop the lift until the object is moved. So if you have objects dropped on the stairway, a loving pet that wants in your lap, or a toddler that’s fascinated with the whole machine you won’t have to worry about running into or over them.

Stair lifts are designed for people who are still somewhat mobile but unable to climb steps. What about if other parts of your body are immobile as sometimes happens after a stroke. The controls on the Excel are fairly versatile. Control choices range from a remote control that others can use, to a joystick that you nudge the direction you want to go to push button controls on the seat. You can have the controls on either side therefore utilizing your strongest side if need be.

Who wants some gawky looking piece of equipment lined up and down your steps? With choices in colors and materials and a design that is stylish you can have your lift looking as if it was designed as part of the home.

No one want to have to use a stairlift. But with safety features, versatile control and interior d├ęcor options offered from the Excel line it makes owning and using one more bearable.