You Can See Without Your Glasses – 3 Compelling Reasons Why Your Vision Can Improve Naturally

Contrary to popular belief, glasses, contacts and laser surgery are not the only ways to improve your vision. You can improve vision without glasses. The eyes have muscles much like any other part of the human body. These muscles can be strengthened through a series of simple, easy and effective eye exercise techniques. The result of this process is better natural vision. If you are looking for a natural way to improve your vision but you are skeptical about the effectiveness of eye exercises, here are 3 compelling reasons why you can improve your vision naturally:

1 Understand that your vision is not hereditary- An Alaskan study conducted by Dr Francis Young led a team of researchers to find out how Eskimo families were adapting to the American lifestyle. In this case, the parents in the study were illiterate while the children were first generation school children. Both the parents as well as the children had identical visual systems. The study revealed that 2 out of the 130 parents were nearsighted. Furthermore, the degree of nearsightedness was minimal. This was not unusual because the parents were used to living a lifestyle involving hunting and fishing. Activities that encourage distance vision; the eye’s natural state of relaxation. In stark contrast, the study revealed that the children reported significant cases of nearsightedness. The study proved conclusively that bad visual habits and not genetic factors contributed to the children’s nearsightedness. This was caused by the stress and tension exerted on the children’s eye’s from prolonged periods of studying and reading without taking breaks. Once bad visual habits are replaced by good ones our visual can indeed be restored back to normal once again.

2 Understand the Mind/ Body connection. The thoughts and beliefs that we hold to be true do have an impact on our physical health. We all possess a subconscious mind that operates like a computer and simply carries out our instructions. The subconscious does not know the difference between what is real and what is not real. It simply accepts what you tell it. So, if you tell it that your eyesight is poor and that becomes an accepted belief, it will then create the physical conditions that relate to those thoughts and beliefs. For this reason it is important to think positively about your vision. Affirmations work best when repeated in the present tense combined with positive emotions. Here are some examples: I am happy that my vision is clear, I am joyful now that I have 20/20 eyesight. These techniques have worked for me and they can work for you too.

3 Become familiar with the way your eyes work. They are surrounded by and controlled by several sets of muscles. One set controls up and down motion, the other set side to side motion. They all play a role collectively in keeping our eyes stable as we move around. The eyes consist of the ciliary muscles. These muscles like any other muscles in the body can be strengthened. They control vision and once strengthened by a series of eye exercise techniques, they can improve our vision naturally. These techniques are backed by the scientific findings of natural vision improvement pioneer Dr. William H. Bates.

Your vision can improve naturally. A lifetime dependency on glasses and contacts does not have to be your fate. Through the application of simple eye exercise techniques, the mind/body connection and refusing to accept the myths about genetic limitations; you have the positive assurance that you can improve your vision naturally.