How to do cardio with a punching bag?

How to do cardio with a punching bag?

When we work out our muscles need more oxygen supply so that they can work harder. But with the passage of time, when we consistently perform the cardio workout or any other intense workout our muscles get adaptive to that increased workload which ultimately makes any workout easier. So, when it comes to cardio workouts the options are infinite.

Cardio exercises not only improve your heart rate but also improve the health of your heart. If you perform a cardio workout for 30 minutes(at least 5 days a week) you will notice the overall improvement in your fitness. It will benefit your joints and improve your mental health. Besides that, if you have indulged yourself in any type of exercise you need to get suitable outfits too which should be sweat-wicking, and much more comfortable. Elite sports workout clothes are stretchable, sweat-wicking, and durable.

You get improved memory, you tend to get more active, and there are fewer chances of osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disorder if you do cardio workouts on a regular basis.

As we have discussed, a regular workout improves blood circulation, which leads to fresh, healthier, and clear skin. Some women get worried about achieving skin glow, so they tend to invest a lot in beauty creams. Instead of investing in these types of creams, I would suggest you do cardio, aerobic workout and then see the remarkable change in the skin.

As I have described, a cardio workout not only improves your overall fitness but also improves your mood too. Cardio workout releases those hormones which fight stress and depression.

Endorphins are released after an intense workout which makes you feel energetic throughout your whole day. Staying active is the foremost important thing if you want to accomplish your daily work tasks.

Similarly, boxing is a discipline that has immense health benefits. It improves your posture, maintains your balance, boosts up your cardio endurance, strengthens your upper body and your core, and also improves your hand and eye coordination. There is a variety of boxing gear used by the fighters in order to protect themselves from various injuries.

One of the main pieces of boxing equipment used for practicing boxing skills is a punching bag. Mostly the boxers use the heavy bag in order to improve their head movement, foot movement, and hand and eye coordination. You can also hang the punching bag in your home, if due to a pandemic or due to other reasons you are not going to the boxing club.

Besides that, as I mentioned above, every athlete and fighter needs to have the appropriate gym attire if they are practicing certain skills in the gym, make sure that the workout clothes are breathable and aid comfort in your workout sessions. Elite sports workout gym outfits are sweat-wicking and are available at the cheapest price.

How to build up muscles by hitting the punching bag.

When you hit the heavy bag, you can build up many muscles. It also helps you to build up strength and increase power. Punching a heavy bag is a full-body workout, as the muscles of your shoulder, neck, back, arms, and core get fully engaged due to the execution of several punches on the heavy bag.

Punching bag cardio workout is a great cardio workout and is the most effective as well.

Improved coordination.

When you hit the punching bag at the specific target, and encounter the resistance you are actually improving your coordination especially hand and eye coordination. You practice when to hit the target and how to counter the resistance, you definitely improve your coordination too. Along with that your foot and eye movement also get improved.

Before doing any cardio workout make sure to take a start with warm-ups.


It’s important to spend 5 to 10 minutes in warm-ups. you can jog, can perform air squats, push-ups, or can perform shadow boxing.

Poor boy punches.

In this workout, you are executing the punches on the heavy bag, with as much intensity(much force) as much as you want for a longer time duration. Afterward, you allow the other participants to jump in and do the same workout.

Left hook.

The left hook is an effective and powerful punch, in order to execute the left hook your feet and shoulders should be widened apart with one foot slightly in front of the other foot. Now make the arc with your arm(swinging)  and execute the punch on the side of a punching bag.

Right hook.

Similar to the left hook, execute the right hook by delivering punches on the right corner of your punching bag.

High and lower kicks.

Throw at least five kicks on the upper half of the heavy bag. Throw the kicks in a way as if you are hitting on the head of your opponent. Similarly, you can deliver the lower kicks by kicking on the lower middle of your punching bag.

Straight punches.

Stand up straight in front of the punching bag, with full focus on the target. Execute at least 20 punches on the heavy bag with full force. While executing the punch make sure to turn your hip on every punch.


Ann Edwards is the fully qualified personal trainer from Elite sports. She has been helping people in the field of bodybuilding and fitness from more than a decade. Her career in nutrition and physical therapy has made her a fine addition for our team.