How to Mix BJJ with Other Combat Sports/ or Mixed Martial Arts

Being an MMA enthusiast one of the biggest things that most people like is that with combat exercises you can mix and match easily. Even if you look at MMA fighters or UFC fighters they have their own style. Although they are using the same moves that they have been taught through training, they usually mix and match different combat games. If you look at some of the biggest names they will have their base in BJJ because it is so far the most controlled form of combat sport. Staring from the chokes, locks, and body movement helps you to stay in full control of your mind and body. Another important thing is the movement range because with boxing or other combat games you need to stay up and your movement will be mainly focused on the upper body.

With the help of this article, we will help you find a deadly combination of combat sports that you will be able to use for your fights. We will also explore the basics and how some of the best combat forms limit body movement while others facilitate you so you can use it anywhere.

Selection of the Combat Sports

You must have heard that people, especially fighters’ complement others on the basis of their body type and reflex action. Just by your grip and your walk, people around you will tell you that you are meant to be a boxer or a BJJ fighter. Technically you can learn all the combat sports on your own but sometimes our body type and our simple gestures make us stand out. To help you know about some of the most deadly combat sports and their combinations you need to first know what will suit you the best according to your body type.

Starting from the basic idea you need to know that technology is important but some combat-based sports need more than the technique they need your body type as well. If you are tall and bulky you can choose boxing because it will help you get in shape. The best thing is that you can use your body more effectively.

On the contrary, if you are lean, weak, slim, and very small, look for something that only focuses on the technical and nothing else. So far if we look at the training details we will see that BJJ is so far the best option for that. It favors the small and lean which is the reason it is famous among kids and women. It is best for self-defense and it is all up to you how to customize it. It offers variety and range as well.

Muay Thai is another very good option that you can try. If you have a good reflex and you are good at using your body for self-defense or catching stuff easily, this is something that you must try. Muay Thai will help you use your whole body in so many different ways. It is also one of the deadliest combat sports that is usually used in street fighting.

What Is The Deadliest Combination?

When it comes to combining different combat sports, you need to know what will come in handy in a street fight situation and how it will impact your fighting in the ring. Within a street fight situation, there is no rule, you can make the fight ugly and bloody but within the ring, there are so many things that you need to consider. As far as a gentlemen’s game we see boxing as a suitable yet the most deadly combination with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. However, for the street fight situation, nothing gets better than Muay Thai. Full potential, easy on the rules, and intense workout you will get everything within this. Muay Thai offers a complete range of movement and involves the body. It offers primary and secondary self-defense by helping you use your hands and legs as well. You can move around and without any tool or equipment you can easily win the game just by relying on the technique and strategy.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, for winning a game then becoming the champion you cannot be predictable. With a grip on just one type of combat sport, you will eventually become very predictable. If you look at some of the biggest names in the industry you will see that they have their basic training in one kind of combat sport but they have grip in other forms as well. This helps them broaden their horizon, making them unpredictable so they can easily defeat their opponent. With multiple combat games at your fingertips, you will have more moves to use and you will be able to build a better strategy. On the contrary, if you are good in just one kind of combat game your options will be limited and you will be able to choose from very few moves. This doesn’t mean that as a beginner you should try multiple combat sports, instead start with one and then keep polishing others as well.


Ann Edwards is the fully qualified personal trainer from Elite sports. She has been helping people in the field of bodybuilding and fitness from more than a decade. Her career in nutrition and physical therapy has made her a fine addition for our team.