Hair Surgery – Why Your Hair and Wallet Can’t Afford to Wait Any Longer

Nearly 60 million men and women worldwide suffer from some form of hair loss. 25% of women suffer from hair loss, while nearly 50% of men at some point in their lives will suffer from hair loss. An unfortunate 5% of men will lose their hair before the age of 20. By the time you are looking into a hair surgery, you have probably starting to experience some hair loss or balding. When it comes to hair loss the sooner you correct the problem, the better it is for your hair and your wallet.

If you think that a hair surgery isn’t right for you and you are using a “miracle cure” lotion or shampoo you are wasting precious time. Everyday you have less hair than you did the day before and none of those products work. So, all you are doing is washing your hair and losing invaluable time. The quicker you decide to get a hair surgery, the more the doctor will have to work with and the more of your natural follicles they can save from future fall out. If you are suffering from loss, a hair transplant is the only solution to getting your hair back and stopping hair loss.

If you are misguided and think a non-surgical hair system will save you money in the end, you are incredibly mistaken. A non-surgical system, a wig that is, will cost you at least $1200 for installation and at minimum $500 a month for maintenance. Over a four-year period you will have spent around $25,000 and you will still be bald. If you continue another 4 years, you have just spent $50,000. 50 grand for fake hair for 8 years! Can you really afford that? Add another 4 years and another 4 years and you do the math. Is your wallet screaming yet?

On the other hand, a hair surgery will cost on average $12,000 and most people, if they have the right surgeon, will only need one surgery. However, if you didn’t get the density you wanted the first time around and do have to invest in a second surgery, your total cost is $24,000, but you will have your own mane restored, not some wig. Remember, everyday you have less hair than you did the day before and if you get a hair surgery right away, then not only will you get your hair back, but the surgeon can help you keep whatever follicles you have remaining. Stop your hair loss in its tracks.

I can understand why a person may feel like holding off on a hair surgery because they are worried it won’t look natural or it will be detectable. However, today’s technology ensures a natural look. For the price of a non-surgical hair system for 8 years, you could have a hair surgery and get a new car. To me, at least, that seems like a much better investment. And it is an investment. A hair transplant is an investment in yourself, your appearance and your confidence. Not only do you lose hair every single day, but if you are balding or suffering from hair loss you are probably losing a little self-confidence with every single hair that falls out.

So, save your hair and wallet unnecessary grief and get on your hair loss problem today!