Saw Palmetto for Hair Rejuvenation

You have seen this before on many men, perhaps some women as well. The forehead is getting larger by the day, the hairline starts to recede in an M shaped pattern, or perhaps a tiny coin like gap in the middle of the vertex starts to appear… You never thought it’ll happen to you, did you?

Hair loss is a condition that affects the lives of many people, it is conclusive that over 70% of men over the age of 50 will suffer from hair loss, and you would be surprise to hear that hair loss in women might be way more common that you think it is.

So why do we lose our hair? Testosterone and DHT (a more potent form of testosterone) are hormones found everywhere in our body, and when they bind to our hair follicle receptor they make them shrink over time, forcing the growth phase of the hair to become shorter, and stop new hair growth from coming in.

This is where Saw Palmetto comes in the picture. Saw Palmetto is a 100% natural DHT inhibitor, which means it stops and lowers the production of testosterone into DHT, and by doing so it protects the hair follicles from the devastating effects of DHT. Hair cannot grow in the presence of DHT, simple as that. To give your hair a chance to repair itself you MUST incorporate a DHT blocker in your daily hair maintenance routine, Saw Palmetto is an excellent add-on to any hair loss regimen. Topical Saw Palmetto removes excess DHT from the surface of your scalp, and helps to thicken existing hair and protect the hair follicles from the damage being dealt by DHT. Blocking DHT internally with Saw Palmetto will enhance you results you get with products like Minoxidil, because topically you won’t be able to remove all the DHT that resides deep under the visible area of your scalp.

Once you incorporate a DHT inhibitor in your daily anti hair loss regimen, you can expect less shedding and halting the baldness process. There’s were other hair stimulants come in the pictures – Minoxidil, Alpecin (Caffeine energizer shampoo), copper peptides (Tricomin) and hair oils (Coconut, Olive, Castor). To get that thickening effect however, there must be an internal supplement that suppresses DHT to some extent, such as Saw Palmetto. Another great tip to add to the hair arsenal is combined with topical Saw Palmetto to add Licorice, as its ability to inhibit DHT was demonstrated in several studies, Saw Palmetto combined with Licorice topically can ensure further protection from the damages of DHT to the hair follicles. Because hair loss has a cumulative effect, don’t expect your hair to thicken over night – give it a few months before you make any assumptions, it takes time to see a real change in your hair!

When using Saw Palmetto to topically to inhibit DHT, you should be careful not to overdue the treatment, as if you expose your scalp 3 times a day to saw palmetto you could cause an inflammation effect that will get you the opposite results – inflammation means more shedding and unhealthy scalp condition, so stick with the safe one time a day. Better yet, you can use a DHT inhibited shampoo that has Saw Palmetto in it.

So give your hair what it needs to grow and repair itself. You must attack baldness from as many angles as possible, both topically and internally – use the whole sum approach, don’t slack and invest more time and effort into this, and you will get the results you dream and imagine every day. Saw palmetto for hair loss absolutely works; it has been clinically studied and is scientifically proven to help you to stop your hair loss.

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