Medication Coupons and Patient Assistance Can Save Uninsured Patients Big Money

It is estimated that there are over 50 million uninsured or under-insured people living in the U.S. A significant percentage of those people need medicine to maintain their quality of life. How can someone who is living on a small salary or unemployment afford to pay full price for medication? Unfortunately, many of them cannot afford it at all. The idea of national healthcare is a good one if includes a program that provides AFFORDABLE medication to those who need it. Unfortunately, that kind of program may be a long way off.

For those who need help now, there are very valuable resources available. Medication coupons and drug discount cards have become very popular ways for people to save on prescription medications. Medication coupons and drug discount cards are available for free for those who need them. There are great resources for medication coupons & drug discount cards. On some websites, people are able to locate coupons and discount offers for thousands of prescription and over the counter medications.

Patient assistance programs are also a great way to save (up to 100%) on medication purchases. Patient assistance programs are usually sponsored by pharmaceutical companies to give medication away to people who cannot afford it. In order for people to qualify for patient assistance, they typically need to be uninsured and earning below a specified amount of money. There are free directories of patient assistance programs available online. Some allow visitors to search for patient assistance programs by medication name. In addition to providing information about each program, some give people an opportunity to connect with services that take care of all related applications & paperwork. The idea of affordable medication for all is a dream for many of us in the U.S. Until that dream comes to fruition, as this optimistic author believes it will, there are alternative ways for us to make medication more affordable. For more information about medication coupons and patient assistance, visit