How Does Electrotherapy Work And When Is It Used?

Electrotherapy as a form of treatment has been in place since 1855. The purpose of electrotherapy treatment is to reduce pain and swelling in body areas that are affected. It is preferred in situations there is immense pain caused by muscle swelling and also as a way to heal the body. Now, that the problems and side effects of pharmaceutical therapies are being discussed in a widespread manner, Electrotherapy is seen as a better form of treatment by physicians from all over the world.

How does electrotherapy work and when is it used?

In electrotherapy, electric current is applied on muscles or body tissue for the purpose of stimulating the damaged areas. The current applied can be alternating current or direct current. In most cases, alternating current is applied because it is much more effective.

Electrotherapy is used as a form of treatment for mentally ill patients and also for those who are suffering from other forms of neurological problems. It is also preferred form of treatment for increasing blood circulation and increasing the speed of healing for various types of wounds. In such case, it is a preferred form of treatment as it does not cause any side effects or pain. It is a form of treatment is largely used by physiotherapists and also by Chiropractors.

It is not unusual to see electrotherapy being used alongside other treatment methods such as ultrasound, acupuncture and manipulation. It is highly effective as a form of method for pain reduction in basically any part of the body. Patients who are suffering from arthritic inflammation find electrotherapy to be very effective because it minimizes discomfort by blocking transmission of pain signals without the need for any surgery or drug intake. It can be used to transmit analgesics and anti-inflammatory medication effects in situation where there is labor pain, occurrence of a fracture or surgery incisions.

Electrotherapy is highly useful in treatment because if its ability to speed up the growth of damaged muscles and reduces muscle spasms. There is no need for a special operation theatre to conduct this treatment as it can be done right in the doctor’s office with the necessary treatment equipment. However, it should be noted that people having a pacemaker or who are pregnant must not be exposed to it. It is not recommended for people who are undergoing ionizing radiation treatments or for those who are suffering from diabetes in a very severe form.