Medical Functions of Onion

Medical Functions of Onion

Onion, as a common vegetable, is often seen in western dishes. Many people like it because of its spicy taste. But others think that the strong taste is not pleasant. Experts suggest that whether you like it or not, you should eat some onion because it is useful in health care.

First of all, it can prevent cardiovascular diseases. It restrains the rise of cholesterol in blood. A doctor from Harvard University points out that if people eat half an onion or a same amount of its juice, the content of high density lipoprotein would increase by about 30%. Moreover, he also finds that if heart disease patients insist on eating onion regularly, they would have lower risks of the condensation of blood cells. So he suggests people to eat high fat food with it to prevent the slow blood circulation.

Secondly, it is used in curing diabetes. A long time ago, people had used it to cure and prevent diabetes. Recent medical studies have shown that it does reduce the content of blood sugar no matter it is cooked or raw. Scientists say a compound, which is similar to butyl amine, would stimulate the insulin release and normalize the function of pancreases. Thirdly, it can fight against asthma. Scientists have extracted at least three kinds of natural chemicals that can be used to cure asthma. These chemicals can restrain the activity of histamine, which is considered to be the cause of asthma. A German study tells us that it can reduce the risk of asthma by nearly 50%.

Fourthly, the vegetable is a useful medicine that is widely used to prevent osteoporosis. The authoritative magazine, Nature, has pointed out that onion is the most powerful vegetable to prevent the sclerotin from running off. Scientists tested the mice which had been eating a kilogram of onions every day for a month to find that the weight of their bones increased by 13.5% to 18%. Another experiment has indicated that the effect of this vegetable on protecting bones can be seen as soon as twelve hours. Therefore, doctors suggest people to eat 200 grams to 300 grams a day to prevent osteoporosis. They hold the view that the efficiency of onion is better than that of calcitonin.

In addition to the above functions, onion can help with many other diseases. For example, it is suggested for people to put minced onion beside the pillow if they have difficulty in going to sleep. It is because certain substances in it can calm the nerves. And when people have a cold, they can drink some miso soup with it. It is said that such soup would quickly bring down a fever and cure the cough.