Delay Ejaculation With Mental Distraction

With countless products on the Market to delay ejaculation there is one thing that all premature ejaculation sufferers seem to overlook and this is the simple fact that the cure does not lie in a cream or a magic pill. The real problem is that all those products are only band-aid solutions that can help you cope with the problem. It does not cure the problem or give you any permanent solution either.

Since there is no real medical cause for PE, the cure for it does not lie in an operation or some pharmaceutical drug. In rare cases certain medical conditions can be a cause but for the vast majority of us the problem is in our heads. This is a mental problem and although its hard to believe it really starts and ends in your mind.

Most of the long term treatments to delay ejaculation are based on mental training. Its all about learning to control your instinctive ejaculation triggers in your mind. Those who learn this “skill” are able to have full and total control over ejaculation.

Learning this kind of mind control is not really guru-like at all. It can be as simple as learning to concentrate on certain muscles. This, however takes time and without a lot of persistence you simply won’t master it. So, is the only way then to spend months training your mind before you can last longer in bed?


There is this simple technique called mental distraction. It uses the same principles as curing PE and basically you learn to take your mind off sex while having sex. The reason why you “arrive too soon” is because of over stimulation. When you learn to distract your mind you break that pattern of thought and you almost reset your sexual tension.

Have you ever had sex when the phone rang? Or when the doorbell sounded? Immediately your mind went somewhere else and the mood and the tension was broken completely. You need to find a similar mental picture than can help distract you. What’s the one image that you can vividly imagine that will break your mood completely?