Increase Penis Size Naturally – The 3 Absolute “Must-Do’s” When Exercising to Get a Bigger Penis!

The amount of guys who exercise to increase penis size naturally is steadily increasing year after year. Penis exercises have actually been around for centuries and have even had positive scientific experiments conducted on them during the 1970’s and 1980’s. However, it is only recently that exercising to make your penis bigger has exploded in popularity!

There are certain rules you should follow to ensure you get a bigger penis and in this article i will introduce you to some of the more important one’s.

1) Warming-up your manhood is essential if you want to get a bigger penis. Just as with normal exercises in the gym, if you fail to warm-up you are likely to cause yourself an injury. It is no different when exercising your penis. A few of the common methods to use are:-

– Stuff a sock with cooked rice and heat in the microwave for a minute. Then apply to your manhood like a heating pad. – Soak a towel in warm water and gently massage your member for 5 minutes – Take a hot shower and allow the water to soak and warm your private parts.

2) How often you exercise to make your penis bigger is extremely important. This is about being patient and also consistent. You cannot increase your penis size naturally if you over-train and once again cause yourself an injury. There is also little chance of getting a bigger penis, if you complete the odd exercise session here and there.

My current routine and what works for me is performing 15-20 minutes of exercises a day. I like to work-out 2 days in a row and then take a day’s rest. The rest day is essential as this is when the penis cells and tissues repair themselves after exercise and are therefore more likely to grow back bigger and stronger.

3) Eating the right foods can help you increase penis size naturally. Penis enlargement works on the principle of increasing the flow of blood to your manhood. The larger amount of blood will continually force the internal cells to expand and contract. Over time these cells will eventually grow and you get a bigger penis.

You should eat foods that will enhance your blood circulation and make the exercises job easier. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, try lean proteins such as chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon and mackerel. Also drink plenty of water. If you want to make your penis bigger you will do well to avoid fatty, sugary and fast foods. These all contain unhealthy fats that will merely clog up your arteries and therefore slow down your blood circulation!