Beating Pregnancy Fatigue – Some Food Tips For You

Asking any women who are in their first or third trimester of pregnancy would narrate their feeling of being tired most of the times. Having droopy eyes in midst of the day for no specific reason is one common clue that women have about leading to fatigue.

A simple task such as taking a stroll around the blocks would give you a feeling to have an afternoon nap desperately. These are times when your body is extremely hard at work facing the challenges of the growing baby. The entire energy is now used for the same. More blood is produced along with more usage of nutrients and water. You would have higher metabolism and heart rate when you are carrying. Getting good amount of sleep would be the best defensive method to beat the tiredness. In addition to this, healthy food pattern would assist you in getting through the day if there are fewer opportunities to take short naps.

At an outset, you would need to adjust the size of regular meals. If you have larger portion of meal you would undoubtedly be tired regardless of being pregnant or not. When you are pregnant, its effect is much worse. The energy would be mostly used in digesting the meal and hence there would be an apparent feeling of getting drained and sluggish. Eating smaller meals, but more often, is the requisite. You could combat fatigue by taking around six small meals every day.

The best way to start the day would be by having a good healthy breakfast. It is like refueling the body with good food after a long foodless night. A healthy breakfast is never a toast and a cup of coffee. You need to stick to proteins and carbohydrates which include whole grain cereals and bananas for instance. Such foods would stay with you to keep your energy and blood sugar level up for a reasonable amount of time.

Skipping lunch is never a good idea. Some people skip lunch with an intention of a compensation with a huge dinner. This is generally bad for anyone and would prove to be worse when pregnant. To refuel one’s body, the midday meal is a must. When breakfast is considered, it should comprise of proteins and whole grains. You could have whole grain pita stuffing it with chicken salad by adding a side of an apple or a few grapes.

Most of the calories should be taken during the day. An extra 300 calories everyday is required for every pregnant woman all through the second and third trimester. It is not much relevant in the first trimester. Throughout the day, healthy snacks including nuts, veggies, cheese should be consumed. These would fill the extra calories required. The big meals should never be scheduled for the end of the day as every calorie brought in is required for the entire day. Quick sugar fixes such as soda and candy should be steered away. These temptations would simply make your body tired.

Ensure that the iron is in all the food and your body gets it in right proportion. Lean red meat and spinach are iron fortified food and should be common in your diet. They also keep the energy levels up. Extreme fatigue, sometimes, is the result of an iron deficiency. In certain cases, supplements of iron would be essential.

Apart of healthy eating, you need to ensure ample rest by pushing up the bedtime and giving up on TV talk shows which get featured late night. Any parents of a newborn would tell you to get the rest right, while you can actually do.