List Of Foods You Must Avoid When You Are Pregnant

Most women are aware about the basics of what must and must not be done during the time of pregnancy. They know about not smoking, cutting down on caffeine, spending time in hot tubs and also drinking alcohol. More studies are being done along with research specifying about what pregnant women should stay away from during their pregnancy.

Well balanced diets at every instance are essential for any pregnant woman so that the growing baby receives the needed nutrients, vitamins and minerals for its growth. However, certain food needs to be avoided as they tend to pose risk not only to the woman who is carrying the baby, but also the baby and its growth.

In case of starters, one needs to avoid raw meat due to the risk of salmonella and toxoplasmosis. This implies no more rare burgers or rare steaks. Every pregnant lady should ensure that the meat is well cooked before they plan to consume the same. Cold deli meat must be stayed away from due to risk of listeria. Blood poisoning or infections could be caused when listeria crosses the placenta. Ascertain to know that deli meant could be reheated till it steams and this would then reduce all its risk factors.

One subject of controversy is the intake of fish among pregnant women. Few varieties of fish contain essential nutrients required for the growth of the baby, while a few others have high levels of mercury in it. Sharks, swordfishes, king mackerel, tile fishes and fishes used in sushi have high levels of mercury. Such fishes should be avoided throughout the months of pregnancy. Mercury causes brain damage and developmental delays in the child. Chunk light Tuna contains lower levels of mercury and can be taken in moderation. Similarly raw shellfish must not be taken all through the pregnancy months.

Anything that contains raw eggs and raw eggs itself needs to be strictly avoided by a pregnant woman. Salmonella exposure is high in these cases. No raw cookie dough, no homemade sauces like hollandaise, no brownie mixes, blue cheese and Caesar dressing. In a restaurant one could always check if the sauces served contain raw or pasteurized eggs. Often pasteurized eggs are used in recipes; however, one always needs to check on to confirm.

When a woman is pregnant, it is the most important time she should take care of her diet. The items which are implied to be negative should be avoided as they have resulted in birth defects and miscarriages. If you are pregnant and have already taken a few of the restricted foods, you can further take care to avoid them.

Everyone would undoubtedly have their own choices and preferences in the patterns of food consumed. However, while you are pregnant, it is essential to consider the best of two people involved; you and the baby. Pregnancy is, but the most significant time for eating healthy. This could turn out to be the best gift for any baby-to-be.