Pregnancy Diets – Importance Of Eating Well To Conceive

Eating healthy during the pregnancy period is known by almost every woman. The benefit you would get out of such maintenance would be priceless for the woman and her baby. But, again, it is equally important that one eats right even before betting pregnant. Your body should be prepared to face the challenge if you are planning for a pregnancy. A woman should talk to her doctor to know how she is measuring health wise and if she is ready for pregnancy. A doctor should be able to tell you if you need to lose a few pounds or gain some to approach a new way of life. He could also assist you in suggesting few healthier eating habits or even start with a few exercises.

As you decide on your pregnancy, you need to ensure healthier eating habits. A woman would need to cut down the amount of caffeine intake. She needs to quit smoking if she is engaged in the habit. Smoking would reduce the fertility levels and would increase the miscarriage possibilities if continued when pregnant.

You could start on prenatal or even take some multivitamin supplement containing a minimum of folic acid; 400 micrograms. Food items such as spinach or other green vegetables, orange juice, peanuts are rich in folic acid and could be added in the diet. Prenatal vitamins could also be taken. They contain calcium, folic acid and iron along with vitamins B, C, D and also vitamins B12 and B6

The diet needs to be reevaluated very often. It should comprise of fibers, minerals and vitamins by avoiding excess sugar and fat content. Food with high nutrient density needs to be consumed. Green vegetables and dried fruits are rich in iron and proteins. At least five portions of fruits and vegetables should be generously consumed. Meat, chicken, dried and uncooked sea food like sushi and shellfish should be avoided. King Mackerel, Shark or Swordfish have high mercury content and is suggested to be avoided during pregnancy. Cheeses falling in categories of Mexican cheese, brie, camembert contain unpasteurized milk and should be cut down from the diet. It would also be good to cut down food having raw eggs including homemade cookies.

A woman should ensure ample amount of water intake. While you are pregnant and even before, water should be given the first preference for a beverage choice. This would assist you in flushing out the toxins. As eight or more glasses of water gets in, you could take vegetable and fruit juices too.

A significant thing for every woman before she tries for pregnancy, perhaps, would be cutting out on alcohol. According to American College of Obstetricians and gynecologists, women who consumed alcohol found it difficult to conceive when compared to those who did not. Another reason to avoid alcohol intake is due to the birth defects caused by its exposure. The damage is caused in the initial months of pregnancy, i.e., even before the pregnancy is diagnosed.

Preparing the body for pregnancy would be an important decision for every woman who plans to conceive. The body would be ready and prepared for the experience and challenge and the stress would be comparatively lesser.