Finding the Right Gym That Matches Your Personality, Quite a Feat I Must Say

Finding the Right Gym That Matches Your Personality, Quite a Feat I Must Say

This article might shock people because of how blunt I may be writing it. I been bodybuilding for over 20 years and loved every single day of it. I never find excuses to NOT go to the gym because this is what I look forward to every day. I also have to force myself to take a day off, even if I have the energy to work out 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year. This day off can be a struggle for me but it helps me not to over train and be counterproductive to my daily efforts to become bigger and more muscular.

When it comes to exercise, it is not uncommon that many will find excuses to NOT attend the gym because of this or that reason. Some might feel intimidated by the members, especially the ones that are larger than Arnold Schwarzenneger during his peak years. They feel they are not welcomed at the gym because of how they look or how they will be perceived by the muscular guys. They decide to abandon their pursuit to getting healthier and exercising daily.

Stop with the excuses and look for gym that caters to what you are looking to accomplish. If you intent to become a bodybuilder yourself, then go to Gold’s Gym or any other gym that are focused to catering to bodybuilders. If you are looking for yoga class, then just attend a yoga studio. If you are looking to start new and try to get rid of all the extra pounds you have gained the past 20 years of your life and are very short of funds, become a member at Planet Fitness where you pay 10$/month and the dumbbells do not go over 65 lbs.

As I said, there is a gym for every type of person walking on planet Earth. There is NO way you can’t find a fitness facility that meets your needs. We are facing a huge obesity problem in the USA. More than 2/3 of adults are somewhat overweight or obese. There is another alarming percentage that some are morbidly obese where your health is in jeopardy. Obese is considered taboo in our society and because of the nature of our economy, obesity is no longer accepted as it was in the past. Let’s talk about economics here.

When people are faced with a shortage of food, obese people are looked among higher society, because it means they are well fed and have enough food to meet their needs above and beyond the ones who are malnourished. They are perceived as healthy and rich. However, when the economy turns for the better, obesity is no longer being perceived as healthy and rich but the contrary. Obesity means consuming cheaper and unhealthy food. The fit are the one focusing on eating organic food which is way more expensive and also can afford membership in fitness facilities and personal trainers to keep their bodies in perfect condition. Again, all of this is based upon the time of the century when people see obesity with different pair of eyes.

So many options out there that are available to everyone. To gain competitiveness in the industry, many gyms no longer charge sign-up fees, which can be considerable savings when you sign in. Just make sure to read the small prints. You want to avoid surprises. Some gyms can charge sign-up fees at the anniversary of your membership, just to thank you for not coming to the gym all year long. Great gift don’t you think?

If you have toddlers, maybe you should focus on looking for gyms that have daycare where you can leave your toddler for an hour so you can actually work-out. Other gyms do not have these benefits, but they are also cheaper than the one who do have daycare. All depends on your budget.

Some gyms offers body-pump classes for free to all members, but then again, nothing is really free, so these classes are somewhat included in your membership. Make sure you get to read the contract carefully. There is always something hidden somewhere.

You are looking to gain lots of muscles? Make sure to attend gyms that cater to heavier weights and equipment that will satisfy all your needs. There is always something for everyone at these gyms. Gold’s have basically acquired most local gyms in every city across the nation so you do have a lot of option.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a gym that can cater to your resolution, you can find any out there at every corner. Stop looking for excuses. Get yourself off your couch and start losing these hanging pounds from your GoodYear waistline. When you exercise, you get more energy, and more energy makes you to exercise more. You start seeing results, gain confidence, get healthier and bulkier. The opposite sex will get more attracted to you and you will accomplish way more out of life than the ones who are couch potatoes. So who do you want to be?