Frozen Shoulder – Are Exercises For Frozen Shoulder a Key Factor?

Yes, most definitely!

They said Exercises For Frozen Shoulders were the key to my recovery! Okay, I had no job and hence no health insurance, how am I going to afford Physical Therapy twice a week, for the next 6-8 weeks or however long?!

Unfortunately, I had also been going very easy on my shoulder for the last few months since I hurt it. Why? Because it hurt! Aren’t you supposed to give something that’s injured a rest? Boy was I wrong! That’s one of the causes of losing your range of motion – lack of use! Once I figured out from my symptoms that the diagnosis was Frozen Shoulder, it was a little late.

So now what? I did find a few resources to help me start working on it myself. Some good, specific exercises as well as some natural supplements that address the frozen shoulder pain and gets rid of that pain without all the side affects! (Kind of my own frozen shoulder treatment combination.) I found I not only needed to get back my range of motion, but also strengthen those small muscles that hold the shoulder together. I never would have figured out how to do those obscure little exercises on my own!

Why stretches? Stretches work on lengthening and loosening tendons and ligaments so the joint can move smoothly, fluidly and without obstruction in all directions and to decent levels of extension. Stretches can be static (pulled and held), or dynamic (in motion). They’re easy to do and only take a short time.

Why Exercises? Exercises are included in treatment to strengthen muscles and bring proper use back to the joint.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get better all by itself; you must exercise and stretch. However, it doesn’t have to be painful!