Tracking Your Weight Loss – Three Key Benefits

Tracking your weight loss means checking your progress on a continuous basis. Any activity can be performed with efficiency only if the progress is measured and corrective steps are taken. This is what is called monitoring. Monitoring has two functions – to measure and to correct.

You may wonder whether this kind of tracking or monitoring is possible with weight management and what benefits such tracking will give you.

You will understand the advantages of measuring the weight loss you achieve on a daily basis if you just do the tracking for a few days.

So, what are the steps involved in tracking your program of losing weight?

Obviously, the one thing you have to do is to measure how much weight you have lost in one day. But this alone will not give you a complete set of information. You should also record the diet you have taken and the quantity. The one other thing you need to record is your progress on your exercise program. How much time did you spend in doing the workouts and how intense the workouts are.

You can create a simple weight loss tracking system by specifying the parameters you will measure and open a notebook. You need to spend only a couple of minutes to record the information everyday.

What are the benefits you will get from a tracking system?

1) You will be able to reduce your food intake almost effortlessly. This will happen through an unconscious process. Since you know that you will be recording what you eat, you will control yourself when taking your food.

2) The weight loss tracking process will make you excited about following the plan you have devised for losing weight. When you see small improvements in losing weight, you will feel thrilled! If, on some days, you find that your weight has gone up, you will not feel discouraged since you know that you will be able to reverse the weight gain by taking corrective steps. The satisfaction of achieving small goals frequently will motivate you to work towards greater goals not only in losing weight but also in other areas of your life

3) The weight loss program will become a game you enjoy. It will not be an irritating regimen any more. This happens because you have made the process enjoyable. The very process of measuring how much you eat, how much you exercise and how much weight you lose on a daily basis will create an interest in you to follow this system.