Strengthen Your Home Yoga Practice

If you do not take yoga classes, but enjoy practicing, you are not alone! Many yoga enthusiasts prefer the comfort of their own home and enjoy doing yoga on their own schedule. While this approach to yoga can slow down progress, mostly by not having a teacher explain and correct, it is still easy to progress with a rewarding home practice.

Follow these simple tips for an improved at home yoga practice:


If you are serious about strengthening your yoga routine it is essential that you practice for at least 20 minutes two to three times a week. This is primarily important for muscle memory and retaining achieved flexibility. Have you ever made progress in flexibility, taken a week off, and then realized you were back to square one? It is important to build momentum with any exercise routine. Yoga will improve strength, flexibility, balance and co ordination and the more you improve the better you can get in to poses and learn about the way your body works and moves, which ultimately, makes a better student.

2. Listen/Read

Whether you learn yoga from a DVD, book or online it is helpful to constantly review your material. Even basic poses such as the warrior or strength exercises like the squat need constant form reviews to perfect. If you practice yoga to a DVD listen to instructions carefully, as the most subtle movement or placement in yoga can make a world of difference. Practicing on your own requires more in depth research and persistence to make the most of your sessions. I also find it to be extremely helpful to watch videos online from yoga blogs, YouTube and podcasts.

3. Hire an In Home Yoga Teacher

It is a great idea to hire a yoga instructor periodically. A teacher will help to correct form and to make sure you are on the right track. I would recommend seeking extra help every other month or so. About a week before your session start to write down any questions or concerns that come to mind during your practice to make the most out of a professionally trained yoga teacher.

Yoga is a wonderful exercise full of both physical and mental benefits. It is not uncommon to practice on your own but follow these tips to make the most out of your growing yoga practice for effective and safe sessions.