The Sacred Body

If I asked you if you loved your body, what would you say? Most of us can think of many reasons not to love our bodies. Our culture is obsessed with trying to look perfect, whatever that means. The media portrays either very thin model types or more rounded, thin bodies that may have been pumped with artificial means to achieve the desired look. Do people love us for how we look? Or do people love us because of who we are? Actually, I think it’s both. What I mean by this, is that looks first attract someone to you in combination with the energy that you project. It’s how we care for ourselves that is more important.

I’ve noticed in my spiritual endeavors, that many people highly regard their faith, but seem to lack the same regard for the body. In many faiths the body is considered “dirty” or “sinful”. I’ve seen many a preacher giving wonderful sermons, all the while I’m wondering how they let themselves get so obese and out of shape. If you let your body go and don’t take care of it, how are you going to serve and help people?

This is the beauty of yoga, in that it teaches us that the body is the soul’s temple.Just as we go to a temple or church to find peace and serenity, we need to consider our bodies in the same light. We take meticulous care of our temples and churches and we should do the same for our bodies.In yoga, selfishness means to take care of yourself on all levels first, so that you are at your best to serve others. This is why we start by practicing hatha yoga to create a clean, strong, and healthy body, so that the mind can be clear and the spirit free to serve in the most efficient way.

Isn’t it all about self-esteem? We’ve been made to feel guilty and ashamed of the sacred body given to us. It’s never too late to implement changes in diet and exercise. Start by looking at what you put into the body? Make slow gradual changes for making healthier food choices. It really is true that you are what you eat. What you eat literally makes and maintains or weakens the bodily functions. Think about how well you take care of your car. You wash it, change oil, fill it with good fuel, change the tires and tune it up. If we all took as good care of our bodies as we did our cars, we’d be in good shape. Honor the sacred body, learn to love the sacred body,that is your vehicle to move about in this world, not just for yourself, but for the good of all.