Yoga For Women Over Fifty – Get Fit and Enjoy Better Health With Yoga

Have you looked in the mirror recently and thought “oh dear, the body is slipping?” as you suck in and pull at your flabby stomach and try and tighten up your sagging buttocks.

Have you noticed how puffed out and tired you get after climbing the stairs? Do you climb the stairs or just always take the elevator? And even if you try and eat sensibly, are you finding it harder to maintain your weight and feel bloated, flabby and just generally unfit? Can you remember how you felt in your late teen? Would you like to recapture your youth, your sense of energy and vitality in your life?

If you are one of the lucky ones, you may already be a fit and healthy fifty year old woman and life couldn’t be better. You are filled with energy, your hair and skin glows and everyone comments on how smooth and soft your hands are and how well you look. You share clothes with your younger daughters and they are keen to borrow your tops and handbags.

However, if you are like the majority of women who are fifty and over, chances are your body isn’t as fit and young looking as you would like. Bits are starting to wobble and you worry that if you don’t get a grip now, it will be too late. Too late for you to regain your lost youth and recapture the essence of who you were?

If you feel like your life is slipping by and your lack energy and motivation to get off your butt and do something to get fit and improve your health – don’t worry – help is at hand. Yoga could well be the solution.

Yoga practice has the power to transform negative habits and inspire you into action. As a Yoga Teacher, I specialise in teaching yoga to woman over 50 years. Most of them haven’t practiced yoga before and haven’t exercised for years.

Life has become a round of heavy work commitments and caring for family and in a lot of cases elder parents and or relatives. Time alone to nurture and care for yourself has become a low priority. Yet, most of the women really recognise that as they get older, it is essential to make the time to rest, to stretch their bodies and eat correctly.

Yoga is the ideal exercise programme for women over fifty. Regular practice gently helps to open up worn-out and forgotten parts of your body; your flexibility and range of movement, especially around your shoulders and lower back starts to improve, you regain energy you thought you lost as you tap into your inner creative feminine power and best of all you feel younger and develop what is known as the ‘yogic glow’ (a sort of calm aura which softens your face).

Over time you become more accepting of your body, especially as you become aware of the subtle inner changes taking place – yet at the same time as you learn how to tap into your mind and become more body aware, you move with grace and ease. Meditation gives you the ability to quieten and stop negative thoughts which can drag you down and age you; relaxation practices and deep breathing exercises give you the real needed rest and relaxation your body craves and helps to silence the mind. You experience calm and practice surrender. You have reached the time in your life to fully embrace your femininity and be the yoga goddess you truly are. What a beautiful place to be.