Psoriasis, A Harmful Skin Disease

Psoriasis, A Harmful Skin Disease

People, who suffer from a chronic disease, can’t make themselves happy in this earth. A healthy man finds himself set with the circumstances, he is bestowed. One should prefer to be preventative rather than be susceptible to any chronic diseases. Being infected with a harmful disease, one would only be having problems to get rid of it. Among all injurious skin diseases, Psoriasis is one, which sometimes proves to be quite distressing, as it equally impairs one’s personality externally and internally.

Psoriasis is found, when the cells of one’s skin get bigger suddenly. The body resistance can’t prohibit cells growing at random. The body can’t cast off these superfluously developed skin cells; let them amass on the exterior skin to have lesions ultimately. More than 5.5 million people of the earth are now made victim to this skin disease.

Grounds of Psoriasis:-

Psoriasis is no doubt a dangerous disease; but is certainly not a contagious one, which even does not make any harm to the people come close to the victim. Scientists agree to a conception that says when the immune method and genes of one’s body fail, T cells (A variety of white blood cells), which protect external and harmful bacteria and viruses, erroneously, spark off an effect on the skin cells. Due to this effect, new cells are seen in the body instantly, and these new cells cause Psoriasis on the skin.


Though, any permanent solution has not yet been met with the inventions of medical science so far, the following treatment processes may be tried out to help a victim.

Topical Treatments:

Very often doctors prescribe corticosteroids or steroids for people suffer from mild to moderate Psoriasis. Different forms of these steroids are foam, lotion, cream, ointment, etc.

General Drugs:

When a case of acute Psoriasis is found, the following drugs may be used in accordance with the advice of a good skin specialist.

Biological Drugs:

These are the drugs made from living organisms; sometimes, prove effective for victims of Psoriasis.


This is an ultraviolet and laser treatment process. It sometimes helps cure this harmful skin disease.

Homeopathic and Ayurvedic treatment:

This treatment often helps victims of Psoriasis to find a permanent solution for the disease.

A victim of Psoriasis should never be frustrated and is to be fearless enough to fight against this disease, as there is a definite solution available for him or her in this flourishing age.