How To Make Eyes Better Naturally – 3 Effective Dry Eye Relieving Solutions

Our precious eyes will serve us for a lifetime so it is important that we choose the right solution to our eye problems. The kind that not only treats the symptoms but directly addresses the root causes of those problems. The same principle applies to dry eye; a major vision concern affecting an estimated 12 million Americans.

The causes of dry eye range from immune disorders to the more common cause: A lack of tear production. As a result, this produces inflammation and the mucus membranes that cover the eyeball and the inner eyelid become dry. Some symptoms may include itchy eyes, and sensitivity to light. Before seeking solutions, it is critically important to consult your eye care professional in more serious cases. For example, Dr. Emil Senay, the medical correspondent for the CBS Early show, stated that in some cases chronic dry eye may be an indication of diabetes and if left untreated can lead to corneal infections and corneal scarring that may damage the eyes. If you are interested in natural ways to relieve dry eyes here are 3 effective solutions to relieve this problem:

1 Omega-3 Fatty Acids: – Diet and nutrition play a significant role in terms of the natural healing of dry eyes. According to the Mayo Clinic, Omega-3 Fatty acids provide relief from the symptoms of dry eye. A study conducted by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center involving 36 patients suffering from this condition produced positive results. There was a 70% improvement in the patient’s eye health. The vast majority of patients did increase their tear production. Omega-3 Fatty acids are available at most nutritional stores and pharmacies. Some common food sources of Omega-3’s are sardines, Mackerel, tuna and salmon. These serve the purpose of reducing inflammation. Other food sources include Walnuts, Flaxseed and chicken eggs from organically raised chickens.

2 Increase your intake of water. This is especially important in the summer months since even a mild case of dehydration can aggravate your symptoms. The recommendation for women is to consume about 91 oz of water and for a man 125 oz is sufficient.

3 Blinking eye exercises- Eye exercises are highly beneficial in relieving dry eyes and can increase tear production. The following technique recommended by the Mayo clinic is quick, safe, simple and easy to perform:This technique is called Squeeze blinking.This is considered an effective therapy for dry eyes. Keep your eyes shut tightly for 3 seconds and then open them once again to start blinking several times. Repeat this process 5 or 6 times until tear production increases.

You can relieve dry eye with a series of natural solutions involving diet, nutrition and relaxation eye exercise techniques. These provide relief from the irritating symptoms related to this condition.