Foods Should Be Avoided After Workout

A large amount of energy lost while practicing also means that your weight loss process is going smoothly. You will feel hungry but at that time, eat the “low calories” dishes and in particular avoid the following foods:

1. Sugar and carbonated beverages

Thirst appears and lasts throughout your training process. What will you drink? Will it be mineral water for additional energy or carbonated soft drinks? A sincere advice is to stay away from them. Artificial sweetener will “kill” your weight, wasting away the effort you have spent. Sugar is one of the leading culprits causing obesity, slowing the body’s metabolism.

Please select filtered water for all exercise session. It helps you forget your appetite, increase metabolism and speed up the process of discharging toxic from the body.

2. Cakes

A piece of cake after the training will not affect your weight loss. However, if you eat too much at once, that means you’ve loaded into your body a “bunch” of flour and sugar; it is not good for losing weight at all. Instead, you can eat dried fruit.

3. Salty snacks

Do not think that if you cannot eat cake then you can have salty crackers instead. Salty crackers and salty foods like sausage, salami or bacon,… consist potassium, this will help you to compensate the lost potassium when you exercise. However, they are extremely rich in calories, which will ruin your workout efforts. Eat a banana or an apple to intake more potassium while maintaining your body weight.

4. Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate is high-calorie, easily compensate for the energy deficit of the body. White chocolate and dark chocolate helps improve memory, being an antioxidant, reducing the risk of cancer.

If you want to eat a bite of chocolate, then eat before training; you should not eat it after or your weight will increase very fast.

5. Foods high in fat

The fried oily food is usually very attractive for those who are obese; fat helps create appetite while eating. But you also need to remember they are also in the list of “Prohibited foods” for losing weight. Some of them contain high levels of harmful cholesterol so they are not good for your heart and are the cause of diabetes.

6. Additional energy crackers

These crackers are not designed for obese or heavy weight people. Nutritional content in them is too high, stimulates the production of fat so that is not good for your weight loss process. If you eat them in the evening, that will cause insomnia because energy intake is too high.

7. Bread

This type has the highest starch content. Starch in bread is a form of glucose; the enzymes in the body will transform glucose into sugar, causing weight gain, obesity and affecting the blood sugar level.

So, it is best to eat more vegetables, low calories foods and stay away from the foods mentioned above.