30 Minutes Simple Workout That Will Help You Get In Shape

For getting in shape you cannot just rely on diet. You also need to work out and then lifestyle and diet will speed up the progress. The main idea is that you need to consume less and then exert all the calories and reach ketosis. For beginners understanding the idea of ketosis and then designing and workout plan can be very difficult. You need to conduct research and then consult a doctor. With professional help, you cannot try anything for body shape specifically. The main goal of shopping for your body is to cut the fat and bring the ratio of fat in the body to a minimum. This will help you reach a process where your body will use the calories that it has consumed. There will be no stored food in the form of fat and that’s how you get into shape. If you look at some of the best mass builders and bodybuilders you will see that they have a very sculptured muscle body and their skin sits well on it. There is no extra fat or loss of body muscle.

With the help of this article, we will try to help you know in detail how you can help your body get into shape. We will discuss the food that you should eat and the simple alteration of your lifestyle. However, our main focus will be on exercise and how you can change the way your body works.

30 Minutes Simple Workout for Strength and Shape

Taking out time from a busy schedule is very difficult especially when you have to work all the time. Most people complain that they do not work out because they do not have enough, which means they just want to invest a little less time. According to Harvard health, just 15 minutes daily walk is enough to help you live a healthy life. However, if you are aiming for a fit and fine body, you can just push it a little and rely on a 30 minutes simple workout. Make sure your sportswear is comfortable so it doesn’t affect your routine.


For the workout, you need to try something simple yet something intense. So far according to the polls, HIIT is the best workout. Within this workout, you will start with simple exercise but your workout pattern will help you transform your body. The workout should be simple, intense and short and after each workout speed, you can take a rest for a few seconds. Here is a simple workout that you can try:

Running Spree

For the simple warm upstart with a 3 minutes extreme running spree. You can use a treadmill or just stay at one place and try extreme running. Your goal should be that you want to increase the heartbeat and see the body getting warm up.

Rope Skipping

After taking almost 10 seconds of break start with rope skipping. Do not exceed the 10-second limit because this will eventually affect your progress. For rope skipping, maintain your posture and pace. Your aim should be that you need to break a sweat. Within the next three minutes, you will feel that your shirt is getting wet. This is the cue to stop for the next 20 seconds and take a rest.

Bicycle Crunches

Now after the rest, start with bicycle crunches. This will help you work on your legs as well as your core muscles. Your main focus should be on marinating the posture and breaking a sweat. The best way to see progress is to notice that your core will feel sore.


For the plank, your main focus should be on the core and it is so far the most effective exercise. You do not have to move, your main goal will be to balance your body weight. Just get into the push-up position and stay there with all your weight on the elbows and toes.

Side Plank

Exceptionally good for love handles, you need to balance your weight on the right elbow and toe and then switch to the left. It all comes down to practice and continuity.

Feet Shuffle

Feet shuffle is a simple exercise that is inspired by the footwork that is used by boxers. You just need to stay in one place and shuffle your body weight on your left and right foot. Start with one foot, stay for a second and then shuffle again. Your shuffling will help you stay focused on your heels as well as your toes. The best thing about feet shuffle is that it is a simple exercise yet it is very effective.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, intense exercise can help you speed up the progress but if you eat too much it will make you look bulky as it will convert the calories into muscle. For a lean muscular body that has strength, you need to cut on the calories as well. If you are looking for interactive exercise, you can join boxing which will help you strengthen your body and make your muscles tight. Simple combat-based exercises help you stay engaged, motivated and you can easily monitor your progress as you improve your technique and skill. Even if you look at some of the best and most effective gym workouts, you will see that interactive combat-based moves are so far the most successful.

Ann Edwards is the fully qualified personal trainer from Elite sports. She has been helping people in the field of bodybuilding and fitness from more than a decade. Her career in nutrition and physical therapy has made her a fine addition for our team.