Aerobic exercise for seniors at home.

Aerobic exercise for seniors at home.

Aging is the main factor that may cause difficulty in exercise for most seniors. That’s why the seniors need to choose the suitable exercise for them, keeping in mind their physical condition too. It’s obvious that everybody needs some workout in order to improve health and fitness, but when we get old there are certain aspects which we have to look for whether they are our eating habits or workout plans. I would say avoid doing intense aerobic workouts if you have reached your old age because the intense workout may develop various cardiovascular risks.

So besides that, if you want to start any workout you need to have outfits that are suitably designed for your workout and that may provide you comfort during your workout.

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What is aerobic exercise?

Anaerobic workout is actually cardiovascular conditioning or you can say it’s the workout that delivers the oxygenated blood from your heart to all other parts (muscles) of your body. In an Aerobic workout, you basically achieve all fitness goals of your body by stretching and strength training exercises.

There are several types of aerobic exercises such as jogging, running, brisk walk, swimming, and cycling.

Aerobic exercises also help older people to reduce cholesterol levels, help to reduce weight, improve the health of their heart and also burn calories. So in today’s blog, I will describe several aerobic exercises which aged people can do at home easily with less equipment.

Brisk walk.

Brisk walk means you are walking fastly for 30 minutes for 5 days a week, and trust me it’s not difficult to take the initiative. In other words, you can say that taking 100 steps in one minute is actually a brisk walk. You can get your heart rate up through a brisk walk. If you have a treadmill at home then you can start walking at a low pace, and then gradually increase the intensity if you feel comfortable and if it is safe for your joints.

Before getting started make sure to take a start with warm-ups, by stretching your muscles. Start by using a 2 percent incline mode, with fast speed for 5 minutes, but make sure it’s safe.

Now do a brisk walk for 20 seconds, with your maximum strength. Afterward, slow down your speed, and walk again at a slow pace for one to two minutes.

Along with that if you are an athlete, make sure that your workout outfits provide you proper fit and are immensely comfortable. Born tough workout clothes are stylish yet comfortable, sweat-wicking, and durable.


Squats are best for building up muscles, and the good thing about them is that you can perform them anywhere at home, and also no equipment is required.

If you are starting out, don’t fall too heavily on yourself. Instead, get started with a low-impact workout. So start squatting, I would say keep the chair in front of you and keep your arms straight, now start bending down slightly, as if you are sitting on the chair. Take a pause at this position and get back at your starting point again. Make 2 sets followed by 10 repetitions.

Lifting up a little.

You can also improve the strength of your upper body by lifting lightweight, I mean you add some resistance by lifting weight. If you have dumbbells at home you can also utilize them, or you may also use resistance bands as well. Anyone who is around 50 or above can lift up a slight weight, twice a week. Weight lifting improves the metabolic rate, increases the heart rate, and also builds muscles in older people.

So if you are planning to build up some muscles by lifting some weight you have to be very careful.


Push-ups are also considered the best workout if you want to keep moving the muscles of your shoulders, back, and chest. Like squats, push-ups are also convenient exercises which you can do at home anywhere, also no equipment is required.

As these workouts are for older people, so if you want to do push-ups, I would say get some health benefits by doing wall push-ups. Because wall push-ups are safe to do for elders. In order to perform the wall push-ups, stand in front of the wall, stretch your arms straight with your palms pressing the wall. By bending your arms, get your body closer to the wall. At this point take a pause for a few seconds. Now again get back to the starting position by pushing yourself back. Perform 10 sets followed by some rest because your muscles need some recovery, afterward repeat this exercise again.

Lifting up your leg.

One of the safest exercises which elder people can do easily at home is lifting one of their legs at a particular side. Lifting leg exercise also helps you to maintain your equilibrium along with providing strength to your thigh, butts, hips, and legs muscles.


Ann Edwards is the fully qualified personal trainer from Elite sports. She has been helping people in the field of bodybuilding and fitness from more than a decade. Her career in nutrition and physical therapy has made her a fine addition for our team.