Beginner’s Guide to Bikini Lines – Hair Removal Methods and Options

The recent warm weather is a pleasant hint of the summer days to come.

It’s also a time when women start to think about hair removal again. No more hiding under layers of clothing, the warm weather means that more flesh will be on show and never more than on holiday.

The skimpier the bikini, the greater the need to tackle the bikini line to make sure that nothing shows round the edges or through the fabric. Yet for many women, this area remains quite confusing. The ‘brazilian’ or ‘hollywood’ approach are just too frightening for a beginner, leaving them putting their shorts back on!

Bikini Line Styles

If you don’t know exactly what the options are or don’t want to rush into a dramatic transformation straightaway, then here is our simple guide to the top bikini line styles:

  1. Standard bikini: neatly trimmed hair, just a small triangle left
  2. High bikini: leaves only a thin strip
  3. Brazilian: leaves just a small patch on the pubis
  4. Hollywood: full removal of all hair throughout the pubic, pelvic and bikini area
  5. Novelty: removal of all hair leaving a groomed shape on the pubic bone e.g. heart. The hair may even be tinted!

DIY Bikini Line Hair Removal Techniques

Many women choose to deal with unwanted hair at home. However, there are some downsides to bear in mind.

  • Shaving? It can be very difficult to shave the bikini area yourself as it is hard to see exactly what you are doing and obviously you would not want to risk cuts.
  • Waxing? Again, visibility of the area is difficult and dealing with hot wax there are risks involved.
  • Cream? This can be useful for around the edges, but even the creams marked sensitive shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the most intimate area.

Professional Bikini Line Treatments

Many women use professional beauty therapists to keep the bikini area in check. Yes, it can feel embarrassing the first time, but remember that a therapist has done many, many bikini line sessions over the years. So whether you are nervous about potentially exposing private areas, or else concerned about what they’ll think of your own attempts at personal grooming, don’t worry.

What’s more, an experienced beauty therapist will be able to help you decide what approach is best for you and how to shape the hair.

The most popular professional hair removal options for the area include:

  • laser hair removal – the best option for permanent hair reduction, laser hair removal destroys the hair follicle so that hair doesn’t regrow
  • waxing – this will remove hair present and with repeated treatments, hair does eventually grow back thinner. However, it is not a permanent solution like laser hair removal
  • electrolysis – for permanent removal, best for small areas as it treats one hair at a time

Professional treatments are fast and thorough, leaving skin hair-free and smooth. So don’t be afraid to book in and learn more and put on your bikini with confidence.