Finally! A Laser Hair Removal System for Individuals With Darker Skin!

In the United States, we are constantly drawn to things that we are attracted to or have been made known to through the public eye. This can include obvious trends or the latest fashion, but it also applies to healthcare and medical treatments along with many other things such as plastic and cosmetic surgeries. For the past 5 years, hair removal has been an incredibly large part of our society. Because of this, there have been a variety of different methods that have gone absolutely viral. Of these, laser hair removal has been one of the largest and most successful hair removal methods known to date!

Several years ago, Nair took the stage with all of its cheesy commercials and synchronized dancers. Yet, Nair is nowhere near the place where Laser Hair Removal stands. World known celebrities and supermodels all over the globe have gone through several sessions of laser hair removal in order to obtain long silky legs and skin permanently.

The most commonly found issue with laser hair removal, other than how expensive it can be is how it requires several different sessions depending on the individual’s complexion in order to obtain permanent results. Often times, the lighter the skin complexity, the easier it is for the light from the laser to be absorbed by the hair molecules that are meant to be removed.

Thanks to a new advancement in laser technology, men and women of all skin colors can now enjoy and take advantage of permanent laser hair removal without all the pain and countless expensive sessions. Although all lasers come with some kind of pain, this new innovation is called the Gentlemax Pro, and it’s not hard to guess why. Some doctors would even call it revolutionary due to the fact that anyone, with any skin color can obtain permanent results from this incredible innovation.

This treatment has a larger “spot size” than many lasers in the industry, which only have a 3″ spot size, while the Gentlemax Pro has a spot size of 5″. This means that not only is the treatment practically painless, but it also means that you will be able to cover larger areas in the body with fewer treatment sessions. This also means that you will spend less money at the end of the day trying to get permanent results! There is no downside to this, and we can only imagine what will be invented next!