Hair Loss Is Not Your Mother’s Fault

Hair Loss Is Not Your Mother’s Fault

Heredity hair loss is certainly not due only to your mother’s side of the family. The latest research shows that it can be attributed to either side of your family. You may think that is bad news, but there is good news! Not all hair loss is heredity and even heredity loss can be treated these days

We have been lead to believe that if you want to know whether or not you will experience hair loss as you get older, then look no farther than grandad on your mum’s side. By the time they reach their sixties nearly 60% of men will be experiencing hair loss due to male pattern baldness and it can start in their twenties. There can be reasons other than your grandfather. There are significantly more young males losing hair these days than there was 25 years ago but the good news is that it can be caused by reasons other than your family history.

How we live in today’s stressful environment, medications, hair products and fast food diets can all place stress on how our hair grows and whether or not we get strong hair regrowth after each hair cut. As a young man you don’t have to accept that you are losing your hair just because grandad is bald. Science has shown that you can do something about your receding hairline without any downside.

Before you spend thousands of dollars on all sorts of programs, review your lifestyle and your diet. You may be surprised that the small changes you make now can have a dramatic effect on the health of your hair. For example if you are a smoker, the best change you can make is to quit as smoking interferes with your circulation. The hair follicles can be starved of the essential nutrients and the result can be a follicle that grows no hair. While one dead follicle is not cause for concern, should the pattern continue then excess hair loss will result.

Specific vitamins, minerals and fats are essential to enable our bodies to cope with our busy lives and we can now consume specific nutrients to help keep our hair in its best condition and stimulate strong hair regrowth. In a study of a nutritional supplement based on the formulation of highly refined marine proteins, minerals, vitamins and herbs, 70 percent of users experienced a significant decrease in hair loss. In another study, 95% of users showed total regrowth of hair when using the hair growth products.

Basic amino acids, fats, minerals and vitamins are essential for healthy hair regrowth and nourishing the hair follicles with these essential nutrients can reduce hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth. You do not have to accept that hair loss is due to some unchangeable internal process caused by a multitude of factors and therefore nothing can be done about it. Science can now offer real hope with the development of nutritional hair loss treatments.