Hair Growth Requires Healthy Follicles

Treating hair loss involves caring for the individual hair follicles to ensure that each follicle can grow normal healthy hair. Consuming vitamins, minerals and proteins is necessary for healthy hair growth. Our normal hair regrowth rate is 10 millimetres per month. If your hair is at its healthiest and you skip the hairdresser for 12 months, your hair would grow 120 millimetres in that time. If your hair is not growing at this rate then you could be in the early stages of alopecia.

Once your hair breaks through your scalp it is dead. That is to say that the hair above your scalp is dead. The only part of the hair that is alive is below the scalp within in your hair follicle. Shaving your head will not make your hair healthier, nor will it make it grow quicker and it certainly will not make it thicker. The only effect that shaving your head will have is to make your hair very short indeed. If you want that look then go for it!

Hair growing from an unhealthy follicle grows less in length and becomes thinner over time. The hair goes into the resting phase and if the follicle is not treated then it can die. Once the follicle is dead, nothing can revive it. The only choice is hair transplant surgery. Fortunately we have thousands of follicles on our scalp and not all of them are in the same phase at the same time. The follicles are affected by a number of factors including DHT, cleanliness, nutrition and also heredity factors.

Unless you are sure which factors are causing your reduced hair growth you should consider them all. There are natural products to address the issue of excess DHT in addition to drugs shown to reduce DHT levels. Examples are saw palmetto and Propecia. There are many shampoos but you should also consider a specific scalp cleanser to unblock any hair follicles just as you would use a cleanser to unblock skin pores.

If you have been working too hard, playing hard, stressing about life, and missing meals, then a nutritional hair growth product could help reduce your hair loss. Basic amino acids, fats, minerals and vitamins are essential for healthy hair regrowth and nourishing the hair follicles with these essential nutrients can reduce hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth. More than 70 percent of participants in one trial, based on the formulation of highly refined marine proteins, minerals, vitamins and herbs, experienced a significant decrease in hair loss. In another study, 95% of users showed total regrowth of hair. Hair loss is not an irreversible process and now there are new natural hair loss treatments that can help.

You do not have to accept that hair loss is due to some unchangeable internal process caused by a multitude of factors and therefore nothing can be done about it. Science can now offer real hope with the development of nutritional hair loss treatments. If you are concerned, then now is the time to do something about it. Do not wait until the obvious signs of the receding hairline appear as the process is already well underway.