Enlarge Your Penis Naturally – Ouch! Avoid These 2 Extremely Painful Ways to Get a Bigger Penis

You may have decided it’s time to make your penis bigger. So you search high and low on the internet and are presented with a number of “solutions”. However, this is a subject that you feel you know very little about and it is difficult to decide which one of these methods will help you get a bigger penis. In this article I would like to introduce you to 2 techniques to make your penis bigger, that I believe you should avoid at all costs.

1) Penis extenders – These extenders are fairly large and uncomfortable looking contraptions. You will usually be required to attach an extender to your manhood for a number of hours a day. They work by applying traction to the internal ligaments of the penis. Eventually over time the constant tension applied to your penile ligaments will force them to stretch and expand. So you can make your penis bigger.

However, that is the simplified version. While it is indeed very possible to stretch the body’s ligaments, the use of an extender is an extremely dangerous way to achieve this. Where your penis may become longer, it will also definitely thinner a lot weaker. A weaker penis is likely to suffer injury through any sexual contact and this could even lead to internal nerve damage. This can be extremely painful! Additionally a thinner penis (no matter how long) will not produce much sexual satisfaction for a woman. This is because the majority of the most sensitive areas of a woman’s vagina are around the vaginal walls. So the thicker your manhood, the more likely you are to stimulate these areas.

2) Weights – Many guys turn to hanging weights off their manhood to get a bigger penis. Once again this works on the principle of traction and is intended to stretch the penile ligaments. Men who turn to surgery to get a bigger penis will often have to use weights afterwards. Hanging weights has been known to cause severe damage, including burst blood vessels, which can lead to impotency.

I would suggest that of you wish to make your penis bigger, then you should consider a method to enlarge your penis NATURALLY. Rather than attaching certain alien objects to your member and hoping for the best and risking some very painful injuries, why not try a proven way to make your penis bigger. Men have been exercising to enlarge their penis naturally for many years. Once again certain exercises can stretch the penis ligaments, but in a far safer way than extenders and weights.

Exercises to enlarge your penis naturally can also increase the girth and thickness of your penis as well as increase your sexual stamina. So not only will exercises make your penis bigger, they should actually help to make you a better lover!