How to Make Your Penis Bigger – What is the Best Way to Safely & Naturally Get a Bigger Penis?

Most men would love to get a bigger penis. We can all feel extremely inadequate by having what is considered an average-sized penis. However, many more men are stuck with a penis that is far smaller than the average. So if you want to make your penis bigger what should you do?

1) Penis pumps – Pumps can actually make your penis bigger in a matter of seconds. A pump will use extreme suction to force a large amount of blood into your penis. This will immediately make your manhood swell up to a far larger size. However, before you get overly excited and run out and buy a pump, you should hear this. The action of forcing large quantities of blood into your manhood via a pump is extremely dangerous. You may be able to use a penis pump a few times, but continued use will lead to burst blood vessels, nerve damage and maybe even impotency. This is not a safe or permanent way to get a bigger penis!

2) Penis pills – everywhere you look nowadays, you seem to find the latest batch of “magical” penis pills that will make your penis bigger. Although there are certain herbal ingredients contained within many of these pills, they will do little to increase your penis size permanently. Many of the ingredients are unknown and that in itself is a dangerous thought. Pills will temporarily increase the flow of blood around your body and especially your penis. This may help you produce stronger and harder erections, but they won’t last. I would also be extremely wary of putting unknown substances into my body. You never know what sort of side-effects they could produce.

3) Penis exercises – this is the only safe and natural way to increase your penis size. As far as i am concerned penis exercises are definitely the best way to make your penis bigger. By following a routine of exercise for a few months, you could literally increase your penis size by 1-4 inches. There are no known injuries or side-effects caused from exercising your manhood. In actual fact the only danger to your penis is yourself. Penis exercising will help you get a bigger penis, but it will take time. Some guys are far too impatient and try and over-train in the hope of a quick and speedy enlargement. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work like that. Simply perform exercises for 15-20 minutes a day and consistently do this for a number of months and eventually you will make your penis bigger!